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Cromo. Bruno Sanfilippo y Mathias Grassow.

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Segundo trabajo de colaboración entre Bruno Sanfilippo y Mathias Grassow.
Grabado en el studio Onix de Barcelona y el studio Akroasis, Wiebaden, 2010.
Instrumentos: piano.
Second collaborative work between Bruno Sanfilippo & Mathias Grassow
Recorded at Onix Studio, Barcelona and at Akroasis Studio, Wiebaden, 2010
Instruments: piano & drones
Delicate piano melodies blend with controlled drones to produce tuneage of a highly relaxing nature. Sanfilippo settles down and lets his fingers caress the ivories, coaxing forth languid chords that sinuously undulate into soothing melodies. The music is soft and personal, drawing the listener into a realm of crisp piano expressions which incite pleasant moods. The songs are restrained and consist mainly of gentle notes that glisten as they drift on the air. Meanwhile Grassow applies crafted drones to the melodies, generating layers of atmospheric moodiness which hangs shimmering in the background. These texturals enhance the traditional piano melodies with their ethereal embellishment, flavoring the recital medium with the modern touch of tenuous electronics. The last track is a long one, allowing the music to unfurl at a calm pace and gradually evolve into variations of gentle character. These compositions achieve a lovely temperament, combining classical keyboards with electronic enhancement in a very tender manner.
An introspective disposition is created that seeps into the listener's cortex and smoothes the cerebral folds into a mental landscape of high serenity.
by Matt Howarth - Sonic Curiosity- USA


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