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"BreathStream" is a new series of seven atmospheric spaces built, as in the previous and highly acclaimed "The Talisman", with synthetic textures and floating harmonies. Since the resplendent chords of "This Luminous Space" the contemplative nature of this work is evident, conforming a smooth journey through deep interior spaces, as if we were floating deeply immersed in a long, quiet, spacious breathing.

 "I have centered again on the composition with my hardware synthesizers. The flow of ideas, sounds and atmospheres is simpler to catch this way, very nearby and intuitive. The greater part of the tracks has arisen from long improvisation sessions, and in some moment there has arisen the spark, this magic moment of connection that makes us "be" simply".

  1. This Luminous Space
  2. Act of Light
  3. The Great Breath
  4. No Day nor Night
  5. No Form nor Colour
  6. Temple of Dissolution
  7. Pure Being

Total time 73:16

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